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Classical Hatha Yoga
Designed by Sadhguru

These Programs have been selected and designed by Sadhguru.

Hatha Yoga stems from a deep understanding of the mechanics of the body, and uses yogic postures, or yogasanas, to enable the system to sustain higher dimensions of energy. By practicing this profound science, one can change and enhance the way they think, feel, and experience life. Hatha Yoga is about creating a body that is not a hurdle in your life. The body becomes a stepping stone in the progress towards blossoming into your ultimate possibility.

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Programs Offered

Surya Kriya

Comprehensive spiritual practice ideal for the hectic pace of today’s world

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About the teacher

Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher from the Isha Hatha school of yoga since December 2018.

Classical Hatha Yoga is a complete path by itself. If you give yourself totally to this process, you can make yourself the way you want.


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