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The Teacher

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My name is Krishen Govinden. I spent the first 17 years in Mauritius, the next 4 years in Belgium and the subsequent 16 years in India. The formative years were inevitable, the European bit hazy and the Indian chronicle, significant.

Following a ten year stretch as a translator in various multinational companies such as Macmillan, Capgemini and Accenture, I developed severe lower back issues. A good friend recommended Inner Engineering (IE) which is the flagship program of Isha Foundation head-quartered in Coimbatore, India. This was in 2009. The back issues didn’t get fixed immediately but the program swayed me away from a skewed idea of yoga. 

Thereupon, an intriguing ride towards the formidable science of yoga begun. In 2013, I attended an advanced program called Shoonya Intensive followed by another consequential program called Yoga Marga (extremely intense, focused, dynamic and distinctly therapeutic in nature) at Isha Foundation where I was first introduced to Classical Hatha Yoga. My back was no more an issue, of course, and an intense desire to delve into this original form of yoga arose, leading me to the decisive 21-week Hatha Yoga Teacher's Training Program under the guidance of Sadhguru (founder of Isha Foundation and Isha Hatha Yoga School) in 2018. That was a significant shift which not only intensified my practice but sprouted the urge to share it.

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